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LMD VCL Complete 2020

LMD VCL Complete contains all current LMD Innovative VCL main products including all standalone packs. To review a list of included packages check the feature matrix.

  • Supports Delphi/C++ Builder and RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney! (packages for other releases available)
  • More than 750 native components for any kind of task you can imagine.
  • All our products include full source code and free one year subscription (including major updates)
  • Great value! Reasonable priced Site License covers unlimited number of developers in same organization at one location!
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LMD Tools

Whatever you want to develop, LMD-Tools is the real thing. This toolbox provides easy-to-use components for all the power you want to implement in your projects. Following component groups (of more than 500 controls!) are only examples for the broad range of available components: Included are controls for superior interface design, system programming, file controls, database applications, internet-/web-components, multimedia, text/data input (RichEdit), chart controls, advanced dialogs, display of formatted text and many more.

LMD ElPack

LMD ElPack is a collection of more than 200 native VCL components (+ around 30 controls from shared runtime) for everyday work, that extend functionality of VCL controls, and also introduce lots of new features and customizable look-and-feel. LMD ElPack does not only include the famous tree- and grid controls for superior interface design - it also contains advanced tools for system programming and file access, database applications, multimedia projects, display of HTML text, printing tasks or handling resular expressions.

Use the powerful Tree and Grid controls! Especially TElXTree supports great features like independent item cells, cascading styles, cell merging, rectangular ranges and random cell selection, fixed top and bottom rows, new multiline header with independent cells, adjustable gutter columns, support of calculation cells with formula support and much more! Same features are certainly available for data-aware versions as well.

LMD RichPack

The package contains 17 controls (based on MS RichEdit DLL) to create feature rich text editors for your applications in a simple and fast manner. LMD RichPack provides various built-in dialogs (like Preview dialog with Zoom features), more than 20 predefined editor actions for menus and toolbars, advanced printer- and ruler support and hypertext functionality.

LMD DockingPack

LMD DockingPack is a collection of native VCL components and additional classes that can be compiled into your application royalty free. This package was designed to help you building applications with entirely customizable and modern user interface. Add docking features with floating panels as e.g. known from Visual Studio!

LMD DesignPack

LMD DesignPack is a collection of 10 native VCL components that can be compiled into your application. It contains controls which help you to enhance your projects with advanced designing features - either by adding object inspector like controls, extended form/control designers or diagram like objects.

LMD InspectorPack

When advanced features of full LMD DesignPack package are not required and editing published properties of any Delphi object is your goal: LMD InspectorPack is the correct package for you! Build features known from Object Inspector of your Delphi IDE into your own applications! All features of the inspector control in LMD DesignPack (different visual styles, support for property translations, registering of custom properties, designtime editors and types) are available.

LMD ScriptPack

LMD ScriptPack package enables Delphi/CBuilder applications to support active scripting languages installed in Windows Scripting Host (such as VB Script, JScript, etc) and native PascalScript/VBScript implementations. It provides the ability to run scripts from within your application and to share any application object inherited from TPersistent with the script interpreter engine. The TLMDScriptControl component allows to operate with Delphi objects, unit routines and variables in script, including reading and writing published properties, running methods, setting script procedures as event handlers etc. LMD ScriptPack allows to extend functionality of an application by external scripts - no source code changes or project rebuilds are required! Besides that integrated debugger for handling the supported script languages is provided.

LMD DialogPack

The LMD Dialog Pack consists of a number of components that not only emulate the Windows Vista TaskDialog and TaskDialogIndirect API functions on other operating systems but also provides enhancements over those APIs (e.g. custom header settings, extended text formatting, integration of checkboxes etc). Create complex dialogs that accept and require several inputs. If default options are not sufficient, you can use frames to insert any controls into your dialog. Use the help of visual component Editors and IDE Experts to create sophisticating dialog templates!

…and SearchPack, ShellPack, SyntaxEdit, SysPack, StoragePack, WebPack!

All our products include 1-year subscription! Free update to LMD VCL Complete 2021 guaranteed!

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